Hum, hum, hum … Bees flies around!

Summer: Early in the morning you can hear it buzzing on our company premises and hum. They fly, the bees, bumblebees and butterflies – the ESK flower meadow is awakening!

Sustainability and environmental protection at ESK – On the one hand, products and services can contribute to make life more environmentally friendly, on the other hand, we pay attention to all environmental aspects of e.g. planned  new machinery and plant engineering. But not only the products, production processes or procedures can be designed sustainably, but also the company oneself.

We have  turned an unused area on the company premises in a beautiful wildflower meadow Numerous insects have been given another home with this flower meadow. On this we make a further contribution to environmental protection and promote biological diversity. We think holistically and sustainably and take responsibility for the future here as well.


Already last autumn we proved that the conscious handling of nature is an essential part of our company philosophy. With the support of NABU Rhein-Erft, 50 nest boxes procured and hung on the company premises. Now our employees have taken over the care of the nest boxes as a sponsorship.