Material with a Future

Silicon carbide is a proven and yet such a modern material that we can’t begin to know today in what new products and processes it may find use tomorrow. But the trend is clear: the demands for purity and special properties are increasing. 

We are well-prepared to meet these requirements and can supply a broad portfolio of high-quality SiC products. With these grades, we cater especially for the future technologies:

  • SiC-Membrane amoung others for water treatment
  • additive manufacturing
  • modern composites
  • particulate filters

In the established markets, the entire product range is used and the trend continues
towards finer qualities. Intensive dialogue with our customers ensures ongoing enhancement 
of customer products based on our ESK-SiC: 

  • high-temperature materials
  • cutting, abrasive and polishing media
  • functional fillers
  • electronics
  • solar engineering

R&D-accompanying measures and our cooperation with external institutes form the basis for 
further innovations.