The corporate policy of ESK-SIC GmbH is aimed at sustaining and consolidating the pillars that 
assure the continued existence of our company in the long term. 

To us, the following fundamental aspects are essential for our corporate success:

  • We supply our customers worldwide with high-quality products at fair prices 
  • We work in close cooperation with our customers to improve our products, thereby enhancing customer benefit
  • We strive to continuously optimize the cost-efficiency of our products and processes, thereby preserving the competitiveness of our company 
  • The conservative use of energy and raw materials, safe and environmentally compatible operation of plants and the control of our processes are the precondition for a modern, future-oriented utilization of resources
  • Safety and health in the workplace have high priority
  • Responsible, contented and committed employees ensure controlled processes and produce high-quality products 

Appraisal and realization of the above are assured by 

  • Ongoing contact between sales and market development with our customers, a periodic customer satisfaction survey as well as the recording and evaluation of complaints
  • Cooperation of sales and markets/products with production to improve the product properties specified by our customers
  • The regular collection of key figures that describe performance and quality characteristics
  • The determination of consumption figures, measurement of emissions and recording of the number of accidents or incidents
  • Advancement of qualification and training as well as improvement of health and safety at the workplace with dedicated programmes