The possibilities for using silicon carbide are practically unlimited. With our standard and speciality products, we cater for many new applications and frequently contribute to optimal products with an ideal production process.

Modern composites

Composites are formed when the specific properties of one material are not sufficient to fulfil the required function. ESK-SiC brings one or more of its extreme properties into the “composite“  to achieve the required function. 

  • metal matrix composites (MMC)
  • synthetic-resin-bonded 
  • structural materials 
  • sealing elements

Components made of MMCs are used in satellites, spacecraft, aircraft and racing vehicles. 
SiC is now also used in brake disks for high-end sports cars and high-speed trains.

Combination materials composed of plastics and SiC are becoming increasingly important. They are used, for example, for pump components, linings in the flue gas desulphurization of power plants and environmental protection.
High-strength seals for the chemicals and foodstuffs industries also benefit from outstanding properties of SiC.

Special applications in the high-temperature range

Particulate filters, for example, for diesel engines are made from SiC ceramics and contribute to the reduction of respirable dust.  A direct contribution to active environmental protection.

Adapted solutions for ceramic products

  • SiC membranes
  • additive manufacturing