Thanks to its exceptional hardness, its sharp edges and brittleness, SiC ranks alongside corundum as the main material for the production of ceramic- or synthetic-bonded abrasive wheels, papers and cloths. It is used for machining all solid materials such as hard metals, cast iron, copper, brass, aluminium, zinc, glass, marble, granite, coal, plastics and wood. 

In loose form too, SiC is used to grind and cut glass, marble and granite. Silicon carbide grades are used in loose form for machining glass and for lapping metallic workpieces as well as for cutting stone blocks with cable saws.


ESK-SiC for bonded abrasives and loose grinding


ESK-SiC for bonded abrasives


ESK-SiC for wire saws

Carefully in corn grain size and thinner than an average hair of a human being, the classified SiC suits as a premium cutting agent for precision wire sawing of thin disks made from mono or multi crystalline silicon for the photovoltaic or electronics industry.